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  • Aquaflow - swim prosthesis

    Aquaflow - swim prosthesis

    The Aquaflow breast form is the newest concept in active-lifestyle breast form design...

    € 45.00
  • Harmony Silk Plus 472

    Harmony Silk Plus 472

    Average to full fit. Versatile triangle shape fits a variety of body and surgery type...

    € 150.00
  • Trulife Harmony Silk Flex Breast Prosthesis

    Trulife Harmony Silk Flex Breast Prosthesis

    This symmetrical heart shaped breast form can be positioned in any direction for opti...

    € 150.00
  • Trulife Harmony Silk Triangle

    Trulife Harmony Silk Triangle

    The harmony silk triangle is a soft, natural breast form, which is 35% lighter than t...

    € 150.00
  • Trulife Sublime Breast Prosthesis

    Trulife Sublime Breast Prosthesis

    Welcome to the newest innovation in lightweight breast forms! Sublime is the lightest...

    € 160.00